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November 17, 2017


Rental 249
Clip NIL
Plan Charges NIL
Monthly Commitment 249
Free SMS (Rs.) Local/National 500 sms Reliance to Reliance(Local + National)
Free Local/NLD Talk Time 500 Local + STD minutes, onnet and offnet
Free 2G Data 512 MB
Local Intracircle
Reliance GSM Rs. 0.30
Reliance CDMA Rs. 0.30
Offnet Mobile Rs. 0.40
Offnet Fixed 50 paise/min
STD Intercircle
Reliance GSM 50 paise/min
Reliance CDMA 50 paise/min
Offnet Mobile 50 paise/min
Offnet Fixed 50 paise/min
To know about ILD Rates,Click here.
Rate/SMS (160 characters)
Local SMS (Reliance GSM) Rs. 0.50
Local SMS (Reliance CDMA) Rs. 0.50
Local SMS Offnet Rs. 0.50
National SMS (Reliance GSM) Rs. 0.50
National SMS (Reliance CDMA) Rs. 0.50
National SMS Offnet Rs. 0.50
International SMS Rs. 5.00
National Roaming Plan
Local Outgoing Calls – Reliance GSM Rs. 1.00
Local Outgoing Calls – Reliance CDMA Rs. 1.00
Local Outgoing Calls – Offnet Rs. 1.00
STD Outgoing Calls – Reliance GSM Rs. 1.50
STD Outgoing Calls – Reliance CDMA Rs. 1.50
STD Outgoing Calls – Offnet Rs. 1.50
Incoming Calls 75 paise/min
Roaming SMS
Local (Reliance GSM) Rs. 1
Local (Reliance CDMA) Rs. 1
Local (Offnet) Rs. 1
National (Reliance GSM) Rs. 1.5
National (Reliance CDMA) Rs. 1.5
National (Offnet) Rs. 1.5
International SMS 5
SMS rates are subject to revision as per TRAI guidelines from time to time.
Free Data upto 512 MB. Post free usage, data usage charge of 10p/10kb.