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December 15, 2017

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Get to Know What to Choose?

With the entry of big players of telecom launching their tariff plans for mobiles, data etc. and the existing companies coming up with new attractive offers; the customer has a lot to choose from. A variety of Tariff Plans are nowadays available in the market to choose from. But the problem arises when you have to go from one shop to another asking about different connections and plans or when you have to search a number of pages on the net to gather information about different plans.

Our aim – Making it simple and helping customers in saving their time and money

The aim of our website is to help the customers save their time by looking for tariff plans for various needs under one roof. Along with the customers, our effort has also helped telecom companies cut down on their advertisement cost. This has been possible as we are letting top telecom companies to show their bill plans to a large number of people.

A one stop destination for customers

Checking out many plans for broadband or post-paid tariff plans creates confusion for the customer. Our website offers a user friendly way of knowing details about the plans offered by all telecom companies. Read more about the hassle free way of knowing about a range of plans on offer.

Advantages to the customer

Since you would have to search different web pages, we at make it quite easy for the customer to check the tariff plans offered by various companies on one webpage. This ensures that the customer comes to know of the best plan in the least possible time. Another added advantage of visiting our website is that you would not have to spend money roaming elsewhere for different connections when all the information is available under one roof; making it a budget friendly option.

What information does the web page offers to the customers?

  • Plans which suit the need of customers according to their budget can easily be checked on the website.
  • Detailed view of different tariff plans for internet connection is just a click away on web pages offering the same.
  • Customers come to know of the companies which are new and also those that are giving a better benefiting plan to them.
  • Purchasing data card plans also becomes easy after viewing the difference each and every company offers.

We are providing help to the new customers

If you are willing to buy a new tariff plan for Airtel, reliance etc. we can offer the latest plans of every connection to choose from.

Payment of bills and recharge facility for DTH, mobile etc. can be done on our web page. We at  make it quite convenient for people to check the different tariff plans for landline connections.

Strengthening the company –customer bond

  • Existing customers are enthusiast about the new and latest mobile plans offered by companies as they can change the plan without changing the number and connection. We can offer you the plan for any connection at our web page.
  • We can help you check the latest prepaid plans, which will make it easy for you to find whatever your need or requirement is.
  • You can also opt for the DTH service or broadband plan of your favourite telecom company by checking the plans on our web page.

Helping the telecom company grow more

Websites that offer a combined approach of different telecom companies makes it easier for them to target a large customer base. We are making it quite simple for telecom companies to show their recharge plans to a larger audience.

Support offered to the telecom companies:

  • They are more easily able to update their new plans to the customers through our web page.
  • We are offering a common platform for telecom companies to share tariff plans for mobile connections, broadband etc.
  • Giving a clear cut idea of tariff plans which are available in different states helps to target state wise customer and maintain a potential customer base.
  • Existing customers can get to know about the latest changes with their plans or a better plan through our web page.

Since we are providing help to the telecom companies to reach out to more people; it helps in saving their advertisement costs.

Offering a range of services

Apart from providing information on the different tariff plans, we are offering a platform to the customer to change their connection or to know about the different plans for broadband, DTH etc.

Changing mobile network

Getting a collective view of different prepaid plans can help customers to select the plan that suits the most. The number portability feature can help the customer to transfer their number to another network without the hassle of changing the number.

3G plans

The latest in 3G & 4G plans can be checked on the website giving the wide option to select from.

Information offered at

Our website offers a combined approach towards providing information about tariff plans related to different companies and for varied services, so that the customer does not have to look any further.

Tariff plans

Our webpage gives a detailed idea of the different types of tariff plans offered by telecom operators in India that makes it easy for the customer to view. Our website helps subscribers to see the different types of post-paid bill plans as well as the various prepaid recharge options that helps them to pick the one that suits their need.


Many people are willing to buy 3G & 4G plans for their mobiles but are not quite sure where to look for. We can help the customers look for the different types of internet plans on one page, hence saving their time. After reviewing the tariff plans for broadband connections provided by various companies, one can easily select as per their requirement.

DTH services

DTH services are nowadays offered by different companies like TATA, reliance, Airtel etc. But customers at times are not aware of the various packs offered for DTH plans. Searching our web page will give you information regarding the latest plans available for DTH, making it easy for you to subscribe for your favourite channels.

Billing & recharge option

Our website can help the customers recharge their DTH or mobile connections.  Checking out the bill plans for different connections is also available.

Customer care numbers

We at are providing the customer care numbers of all the telecom companies in this website. This way the customer can give a call on their toll free number that is mentioned.